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Great garlic and fried crabs!!! Food is very fresh. You need to eat at Ravenel Seafood and see for yourself!

Mary Roundtree

We are truly bless to have a seafood market / restaurant like this in the Charleston area! The staff is very nice! Once you try it one time you can not help but to go again! My whole family love this restaurant/ market. They also make the food just the way you want it! There is no other like Ravenel Fresh Seafood! KEEP UP THE WORK!


I was only in south carolina for a couple of days and i was on my way out of town and still needed to pick up some local seafood, i stopped by ravenel seafood only to find they where closed. i saw that someone was there and they welcomed me in like they were open. Thanks to ravenel seafood i was able to take some of south carolina's local seafood home.

Henry Ravenel

Food is amazing!! Ambiance and Customer Service adds to SC's Smiling faces and beautiful places!

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